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I think my bright shiny new homeschooling mom finish is starting to wear off.    I have just run into the ugly side of life.

We joined a local homeschooling group for support and recently posted some information we found.   We innocently thought maybe it would help someone if they were looking for information on the topic.  I guess we should have known better.

Suddenly there are people telling us how awful we are and how could we let our children do this.  It works for our family.  It is our decision.  We are not harming them in any way.  If it does not work for your family delete it and go on your merry way.  But, to continually try to “educate” us about the topic is not going to work.  You have turned us off with your tone and the spirit in which present your information.  Continually beating the topic to death will no longer get a reply.

I guess we thought everyone could share openly and honestly about what they do and what they found works for them.  It is up to us to make the decisions for our family.  We are not going to judge what they do.   But why do they need to be “right?”

I think I need to find a new homeschooling group.  Sigh.


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Working for Pay Mom and a Homeschool Mom

I am both a working mom, for pay, and a homeschooling mom.  My job is very flexible and the hours Iwork during most of the year I can set to what works for my family so it hasn’t really impacted our schooling life, until now.  I work as a tax preparer and with tax season gearing up we are entering our first year of homeschooling and working at the same time.

This is taking some getting used to for my daughter.  Fortunately she can come to my office with me.  She has her own desk and corner in one of the offices.  But, she also has had to learn how to behave when clients are in the office , when she can ask for help and when she has to set something aside and go onto her next assignment or another subject until I am available to answer her questions.

It has forced both of us to be prepared for the day ahead by the time we get to the office.  Her assignments need to be clear and concise so there are as few questions as possible.  My daughter needs to be organized and have all of her books, paper, writing implements and snacks together to carry to the office.  She also has learned she has to dress office appropriate for days we go into the office.  No more jammies or jeans on those days.

It has been a great learning experience for both of us.  I had no idea how I would do this but we are figuring it out together.  I think she is learning some great things by being with me at work, despite what she thinks, and I am learning how to help her learn in a new and different way.

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I Never Knew It Could be This Good

Those are the words my dearest daughter said to me shortly after we started homeschooling.  It both broke my heart and made me very happy.

How could I not know how much she had struggled?  I am an involved mom who supplemented in Math and Reading everywhere I could.  What I did not know is that she was struggling inside.  How could I not have know?

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A New Year

As I look back over the past four months it seems like we have really settled into homeschooling.

Yes, my fears are still here.   Am I teaching her enough?  Am I teaching her the “right” things?  But, at the same time she has finally started to enjoy some of the things she is doing.

My daughter has always been a reluctant reader in a house full of readers.  It was like torture for her to get her to read 6 books last year for her book reports for school.  Already this school year she has read 27 books and 8 graphic novels.  She is proud of herself and so are we.  I think that not having the pressure of a strict schedule has really opened her up to the possibilities of reading.

When we were playing the new Harry Potter Scene IT game over Christmas vacation she was getting very frustrated.  There is a Play All question that is sometimes a question that you have to read on the television screen and then blurt out the answer.  The first person to do so correctly wins that round.  She was upset because she could only get the first word read before everyone else was yelling out answers.  So, we are aware that there are some speed and comprehension issues but I truly believe as she reads more and more this may clear itself up but we will still keep an eye on it.

Her math is going very well.  I have let her go.  I come up with the assignments for the month and she goes ahead and does them on her own.  If she doesn’t understand a concept or problem she comes to me for help but she is pretty much doing it on her own with me correcting it afterwards.

I want her to understand how to learn and teach herself new things.  I look at some students who sit and wait to be spoon-fed more information and I don’t want her to be like that.  I want her to go out and seek new information and be able to analyze its value.

So, all in all I think it is going well.  We shall see as the second half of this year unfolds.


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Jumping Off the Cliff

That is what I am doing today.

My daughter has finally decided not to go back to school.   Little did she know that after Friday she was no longer going to have a choice in whether or not to be homeschooled.  We wanted her to have a choice in the decision as she is 11 years old and thought her buy-in on this would be best.

In the end she went to school one day this year.  She came home last night and asked if she had to go back.  We told her that it was okay and we could start today.

Late last night she came into our room and asked if we thought she had made the right decision.  We told her yes.

We love her school and the teachers at the school.  It is just not a good place for her right now. We told her at the end of the year we would re-evaluate and see where she is then.  We may be moving to a new school, a new school district or even a new state.  We just don’t know.   Som we will take this one year, one month, one day, one minute at a time.

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An Old School Mom

Yes, I am old and I am a mom.  But more than that I see myself as an old-fashioned mom.

The stay-at-home-mom who thinks that children need to learn by making mistakes and the repercussions that comes from making those mistakes.   I should be the main guide in their education and first experiences with life and still allow them to be the children they are.

So these are my experiences with trying to become and mom I want to be and all the little bumps and bruises along the way.

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